What is the benefit of using Dr cabello Boe Biotina?

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I  have decided to write about Dr Cabello Biotina because have had a lot of questions about benefits of this products, and apparently it happens because we ussually dont hear about Biotina as a hair Supplement.

Biotina is also know as vitamin b7, b8 or vitamin h and it is fundamental for our body as skin, hair, nails and the whole organism.

Biotina is fundamental to keep hair’s health because it’s fundamental part of strand, so without a correct amount of biotina on our hair we will have weak and damaged hair.

Biotin for hair

Biotin is well known because of the properties you have for improving our hair. Vitamin provides better gloss and strength to the hair, so that in recent years there have been all types of hair treatments biotin. The most common form of these treatments are shampoos, hair treatments, rinses, leave in hair treatments, etc.

Dr Cabello Biotina

is and advanced combination of vitamins that works on the internal hair composition, reestructuring its natural elements. thanks to its high absorption capacity and bio- availability of its elements ( vitamin e, vitamin h and pro- vitamin b5,) reduces hair cells oxidation, regenerate the scalp and providing nutrients that restore the lost stability due to weather effects and or chemical processes, hydrating, moisturizing, conditioning and restoring lost silky, elasticity and stability.



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